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Managing your own career often requires the help of an external, independent and neutral coach.


Socrates HR offers coaching services adapted to the particular needs of job seekers, young graduates wishing to enter the workforce, and people wishing to redirect their careers.


For 25 years, Socrates HR has been offering young secondary school students the opportunity to evaluate the professional sectors best suited to their profile in order to choose the higher education programmes most conducive to their development.
These coaching sessions are based on the discovery of personal behavioral skills, the examination of the strengths that best match the requirements of the positions and functions envisaged, and these analyses lead to personalized advice.

Socrates HR consultants regularly conduct training sessions in search of new employment in training programmes, in partnership with employment promotion agencies or vocational training centres, in various cities in Belgium.

Similarly, Socrates HR consultants use techniques and tools to assess behavioral skills in assignments outsourced to individual or collective outplacement programmes - career development management.




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