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Outsourcing of HR services

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Organizational analysis and job description

Socrates HR offers to small, medium and large companies and organizations a variety of human resources management services, including social audits, departmental organizational analyses to recommend job descriptions, reorganize the organization charts and draw up action plans based on the objectives set.


These job descriptions, after an in-depth review of all responsibilities, result in a points based structure in order to establish a salary structure based on sector-specific benchmarks from independent salary surveys.     

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Salary structure and compensation surveys

In order to ensure that the management of companies and organizations have competitive salary structures with the neighboring sector or region, Socrates HR conducts tailor-made salary surveys, the aim being to recommend a salary package in relation to the median of the surveys.



The salary structures put in place take into account the relative importance of internal functions, development ranges proposing adjustments according to the increase in skills and the level of performance in comparison with expectations and objectives.


5 training and coaching modules in HRM

5 training and coaching modules in HRM - SHR Talents Profilers


 Socrates HR consultants can train and coach newly appointed HR management executives, including through 5 modules:






Human Resources Management

  • Analysis of staff needs
  • Selection and testing of candidates
  • Recruitment: Welcome and introduction to the corporate culture program
    • announcements
    • interviews



Personnel Administration

  • Job descriptions
  • Legal aspects and elements of social legislation
  • Social relations and information to staff



Compensation Management

  • Salary structures
  • Salary surveys
  • Salary package



Organization Development

  • Expectations of the Company - Management
  • Succession planning



Training & Development

  • Identification of training needs
  • Training plans
  • Management of the follow-up of the evolution of the performances:
    • Provisional performance planning
    • Ongoing performance monitoring
    • Review of results achieved