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Our services in candidate acquisition, selection and recruitment

Our services in candidate acquisition, selection and recruitment - SHR Talents Profilers





Several modules are available

for selection and recruitment

by Socrates HR:











  • an application acquisition module:  
    • candidate search advertisements are prepared by us,
    • placed on the main job websites
    • and then Socrates HR takes care of managing the applications
  • a skills assessment module
    • candidates meeting the requirements defined by the client companies are then evaluated/ "assessed" by our consultants,
    • the profiled skills are compared with the standards of the functions envisaged
    • and reports are then drawn up and sent by Socrates HR to the departments responsible for recruiting or selecting
  • a module for selecting applications
    • candidates who meet the requirements, after an assessment of their skills,
    • are interviewed by our consultants
    • and, after deliberation between consultants, a short-list is drawn up and submitted by Socrates HR to the relevant client departments.


These modules are offered in part or in whole, depending on the needs of the client companies.